Meet Debbie

Hello there! Welcome to my blog! Here you will find my Friday Wine Night posts, a personal way to get to know me, as I open up about being a working mother in my 40’s (41!), my adventures in parenting and making a blended family work (and fail!) and my journey into become the woman God intended, and I desire to be. I will also share my Imagination at work, wether it be upcoming styled sessions for my families, love stories on wedding days and beyond, and live creative story scapes for other photographers to capture! My lifelong dream is to be a writer, and this is the year I will be working diligently towards that and I am eager to share the journey that takes me on! 


I am a proud Scottish lass, born and raised. I left behind my home at 22 for America. Although what brought me here is no longer part of who I am, I call both counties home, and at the moment, Virginia is where I have a postal code. I am a Christian, and really want to use 2016 to serve more, & am happy to be working on several projects that really allow me to give back.I am a writer, photographer & open book. I believe in cuddles, being kind, and chasing your dreams wholeheartedly. I believe women should be encouraged and cheered on, creating tribes and relationships and banishing competitive comparisons. Wave your own unique flag proudly! On February 13th 2013 I married a kind, funny, & sweet man, who really would do anything for me! We celebrated our actual wedding on October 5th 2013, but we get to celebrate both as special anyway. I have two daughters, 21 and 14, who keep me on my toes daily as watch them grow into young ladies! Both completely opposite from one another, they are creative, dreamers, hormonal, smart, beautiful and crazy! (I am also a step mother to a pre school aged girl who doesn’t reside with us, but visits.)  We are in every way the growing blended family! This is met with challenges & works in progress, but this beautifully chaotic life wouldn’t make sense to us any other way. Im using this year to intentionally spend time balancing my life layers, and spending time with my friends near and far. I have found my wings, now Im looking for the place to put down my roots and grow old.

3 thoughts on “Meet Debbie

  1. Hi Debbie,

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award. I hope to have the post ready by June 15th.
    I had a look at your blog and I really love the honesty and kindness that just seeps through your take on motherhood. Your photography is out of this world and then I read your posts and they just spring with humility and truth!
    Way to go!
    You can check out the post on on June 15th.

    Take care,

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